Ferris & Britton is San Diego’s premier small firm alternative for existing and emerging high technology companies seeking sophisticated outside general counsel. For more than thirty years, Ferris & Britton has been recognized as a leader in representing biotechnology, telecommunications, computer and other high technology companies.

Our representation of high technology companies includes:

  • Organizing and financing the venture, including mezzanine financing, private placements and IPOs;
  • Creation of related financing tools to help these companies accomplish their goals;
  • Joint ventures, collaborations, corporate partnering and alliances to help finance the new enterprise and more rapidly develop technology;
  • Negotiation and preparation of research and development agreements, including licensing agreements and distribution agreements;
  • Protection of contractual rights relating to all aspects of technology-driven companies;
  • Enforcement of proprietary interests against competitors and others;
  • Nondisclosure agreements regarding confidential trade secrets and other proprietary information;
  • Corporate acquisitions and mergers to enhance both technology and competitive positions;
  • Product and technology acquisitions to supplement specific products and technologies; and
  • Protection of trade secrets and other proprietary technology and information.

Ferris & Britton is a recognized leader in fostering the growth of technology based companies. We regularly sponsor and participate in forums and conferences intended to facilitate capital investments in such companies.