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California Employment Law for 2004 - One Sentence Updates
By Steven J. Pynes

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Assembly Bills

AB 17: California public contractors required to provide domestic partner benefits.

AB 76: Employer liable for sexual harassment of applicants, employees and service providers resulting from acts of employees and nonemployees.

AB 196: Employer must allow an employee to appear or dress consistently with employee's gender identity.

AB 223: Employee is entitled to attorney's fees and costs even if the award on appeal is less than an award from a Labor Commissioner decision.

AB 226: Corporate California employers cannot insure the lives of nonexempt employees.

AB 276: Increased penalties for failure to pay wages.

AB 309: If a contract is negotiated in Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese or Korean a written version in that language must be provided.

AB 1536: The attorney of an individual claiming discrimination serves the Department of Fair Employment and Housing complaint on an employer within 60 days.

AB 1719: Cleanup amendments for seven sections of the Labor Code.

Senate Bills

SB 2: State mandated employer health care insurance coverage for employees.

SB 478: Employer must provide certain crime victims, family members and domestic partners time off to attend judicial proceedings.

SB 727: Cleanup amendments for the Family Temporary Disability Act, including a prohibition on reducing rates for three years.

SB 777: Additional employee "whistleblower" protection, State hotline and new required workplace poster.

SB 796: Aggrieved employee permitted to bring "Private Attorney General" actions on behalf of employee and others on Labor Code sections where civil penalty imposed and new civil penalties imposed in all Labor Code sections not presently imposing a penalty.